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Belloo v4.0 - Complete Premium Dating Software Download

Belloo v4.0 - Complete Premium Dating Software Download V4.0

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PcyberForum bado
Belloo is a Complete dating software with incredible out of the box ready-to-use functionality.
Its a fully Ajax script for a fast response of every action on the script, also allowing users to videochat and keep using the site durning a videocall.
I have to emphasize that there is no dating sites with a built-in videocall system like ours, that let you videocall without expend crazy amount of money by using external services like Twilio
Belloo have all the features that a powerfull dating software needs to success.
This script is built on simple PHP making it very easy to edit the code.
Customize to fit your needs orBelloo - Complete Premium Dating Software - 2


Belloo mobile site is powered by Angular you can easly convert it into a mobile app if you wat iOS and Android, the webview of the mobile site is just unreal, works even better than much other apps around there, try it by yourself
The mobile site for iOS and Android have been battle tested and are being used by hundreds of customers around the globe.
With a familiar looking User Interface and a smooth User Experience, dating apps that are created with the Premium Dating Script are the logical choice for anyone serious about building their dating empire!


Belloo plugins ecosystem all working together is thinked and configurated to actually engage visitors.
Which in turn drives the long list of things to purchase with credits including featured ads and the awesome granted with super powers for premium users.
Generating revenue is simple, fast and guaranteed.

### Added
- Added theme editor
- Theme editor:

- Added Stories system
- Stories: allow to upload photos and videos
- Stories: allow to charge credits for private stories
- Stories: private stories auto play for 1 second blurred
- Stories: Show if user has story in discover,spotlight and profile pages
- Stories Admin: allow admin to enable or disable stories
- Stories Admin: Set default stories prices
- Stories Admin: Set how much days the story will be desplayed
- Stories Admin: Allow/Disallow to charge story for credits

- Added new chat features
- Chat: added send gif
- Chat: added send message from story
- Chat: added charge credits per message
- Chat: added charge credits for videocalling
- Chat: added charge credits each min in videocall
- Chat: added record videocall plugin

- Enchanced discover game
- Added thumb generator for photo optimization
- Added charge credits per message in the chat (optional)
- Added charge credits per min in videochat (optional)
- Added licensing system to the software.
- Added users activity log for the admin panel (optional)
- Added ban users via IP from admin panel
- Added save current IP of users
- Added ability to charge credits for like people
- Added ability to charge credits for visit profiles
- Added if the video is private, the video runs but blurry and after close the video the payment popup shows up
- Added upload videos to profiles also users and admin put them as private content and if someone want to see it has to be premium or pay credits.
- Added bio message on the profile page. Useful for promotions or give some more use to the credit transfer between users.
- Added distance meter by KM or Miles and also limit of radius for the search pages editable from the admin panel.
- Added verification account system via uploading photo copying gesture
- Added update title on profile page by Name,Age,City | Site Name | Site Title
- Added nothing found to discover game if no user closer
- Disable/Enable gender selection on registration section, usefull for generate diferents landing pages with auto target. Ex: landing page for lgbt or gays
- Configure site and apps timezone from the admin panel

- Admin panel features
- Added bulk actions on every section
- Added view chat log of users
- Added create user / edit user / upload media
- Added importa media from instgram to users
- Added Users activity log
- Added admin panel moderators

- Theme editor features
- More than 200 changes for desktop site
- At the moment already 8 design preset made by us we will be adding almost everyday , of course you can create your own
- Create custom presets for the desgin
- Export/ Import presets
- Support multiple landing page presets
- Each landing page preset has unique language text

- List of new plugins

- Withdrawal cashout
- Record videocall
- Rewards by actions
- Stories system
- Theme editor
- Instagram media importer
- Watermark

### Improvement
- New powerfull admin panel
- Swipe left/rigth mobile site
- Improved videocall technology
- Improved security in the admin request php file blocking any possible external request
- Updated premium suscription to recurring payment via Paypal
- Improved overall software speed x3.
- Improved insite realtime notifications alert
- Improved sound in the alerts
- Sorted the software features by plugins
- Improved the discover game in the desktop version preloading the images increasing speed.
- Improved software strucutre all the features are now plugins with tons of new customization.
- Now the year selection descend from highest to lowest on the register form and update section
- Changed geolocation dependency of Google to Teleport API for include china in the worldwide support
- Now you can work on localhost, tested and running using WampServer 3.1.4 - PHP: 7.2.10 - MySql: 5.7.23 (only chrome)

### Fixed
- Lots of known bugs commented before
First release
Last update
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