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Best 5 AI Online Tools to Improve Your Content writing skills for Ranking


Staff member
Jul 6, 2022
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The importance of ranking high on the SERPs can be adequately portrayed by the fact that only 0.78% of Google searchers click on a result from the second page. If your website is resting somewhere on the fifth or fourth page, it’s probably not going to get clicked on a lot.

Having good content on your website is necessary if you want it to rank high in the SERPs. ‘Good’ content, in this context, refers to the one that does not contain any sort of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, is free from plagiarism and is also easily readable.

However, taking care of all this on your own can be a tad bit difficult. That is why we can use tools to make things a little easier.

In this post, that is basically what we’re going to be covering. We’re going to be looking at five online tools that can help you improve your content so that it makes your website rank higher up on the SERPs.

1. Grammarly check

One of the first steps you need to take to improve the quality of your content is to remove all kinds of grammatical and spelling mistakes from your content.

Grammar and spelling are some of the most fundamental factors that determine text quality. Wrong grammar and spelling will make your content look amateurish and not be taken seriously by your online audience.

To make sure your content doesn't contain grammatical mistakes or errors, you can use a grammar checker.

Even if you are a professional and experienced writer, you should use a free grammar checker to check your content for grammatical errors. Everyone makes mistakes, and typos are pretty common among writers.

There are several grammar checkers available online, some of which are worth checking out. It has a fairly simple feature where you can enter some content to start the process and then click on it and select the appropriate suggestion to fix the error.

When choosing a grammar checker, choose one of the following:

  • Free to use.
  • There are no input restrictions.
  • It helps to recognize mistakes and instantly correct them
  • It can support file upload and download.

2. Plagiarism Checker

Checking content for plagiarism is also a very necessary and important step. If you're not careful in this regard, you may end up publishing a percentage of duplicate content, which can affect your website's ranking in the SERPs.

Nowadays, checking content for plagiarism is not that difficult. Simply use one of the many plagiarism checkers available online. Many such tools are available on the Internet, but not all of them give reliable results. Be careful when choosing. The best way to find a reliable plagiarism checker is to look for guides or lists that talk about "best plagiarism checkers" or "top plagiarism checkers". These types of articles usually have some good recommendations.
Below are some of the features that should be present in a plagiarism checker tool.

  • it should be free
  • have multiple options and methods to import files
  • Results must be provided in detail (exact percentage of original material copied, duplicate sentences, etc.).
  • Must list the source from which content is copied
  • There should be an option to download the plagiarism report

3. Paraphrasing tool

Finding plagiarism in content is great, but what if the results show that 20% of the text was copied from one source?
Plagiarism checker only helps detect plagiarism. After that, you will have to take the necessary steps to remove it yourself.
Paraphrasing tools are a great way to assist in this process. Using a paraphrasing tool has other benefits and perks, but removing plagiarism can be particularly helpful. Care should be taken when choosing online tools, but even more so when looking for paraphrasing.
A good paraphrasing tool works with advanced AI-based algorithms to correctly understand the context of the text and paraphrase it. Paraphrasing tools are available online that just randomly change words without paying attention to context or meaning.
When choosing a paraphrasing tool, make sure you choose something like:

  • That has an intelligent way of working.
  • It has several modes.
  • Free to use.
  • Provides file upload and download.

4. Readability Checker

After removing grammatical errors and watching for plagiarism in your content, the next thing to check is readability.
A lower readability score is recommended for online content such as website text and blogs. The reason is that online content is typically read by everyone. The broad audience may include people with average English levels, as well as ESL students. A readability checker is a great tool to help you make your text easier to understand. These tools basically check your content for readability issues such as excessive passives, missing transition words, and overuse of adverbs.
A good readability checker should generally have the following characteristics:

  • Quite a few readability issues should be pointed out
  • Free to use, no account required
  • I want the provided text box to have formatting and styling options.


Contrary to what some people think, improving content is not just about improving the quality of the writing itself. Also, there are a few steps you need to take to make your content (content) look lively and engaging.

A simple, easy and popular way to make your content look attractive is to include images and graphics. Including relevant images and graphics in your article can add value to your article by giving it some color or helping your readers better understand the concepts.


If you're looking to improve the quality of your content so that your website ranks higher in the SERPs, you can take advantage of online tools to speed up the process.
There are various types of tools available online that can be used for this purpose. For one, you can use a grammar checker to remove grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors from your content. Similarly, you can use our plagiarism checker to make sure your work is unique.
Using online tools can greatly simplify the entire process of the writing stage: research, writing, and optimization.
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Paul Titus

New member
Mar 24, 2023
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Nice and good write up piece and very Educative and interesting to read and for more Content build up and nice one there.
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